Lake Serene/Bridal Veil Falls, WA

This is a Washington staple. If you haven’t done it–you definitely should try to squeeze it in this summer, as it is a picture perfect alpine lake. Try to go on a weekday to avoid crowds, but even then there will be foot traffic. This hike is off Highway 2, right before Skykomish. This is a great day hike, with stunning scenery, and fun for a swim after!

The glorious thing about this hike is it’s a 2fer (two hikes for the price of one!). At about 1.7 miles you will see the sign for Bridal Veil falls, which is about a half mile side trip off the main Lake Trail. It is really well maintained, as WTA put in some awesome, ass-kicking, stairs that lead you right there to a viewing point. You can also go down and play at the bottom of the falls on small trails leading down. The falls are very beautiful, and cascade down in such a way that really makes it look like a bridal veil. After a rest, continue on the trail and you’ll be at the lake in no time.

Bridal Veil Falls



Cara feeling QUITE serene


Cara the chipmunk whisperer


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