Mendenhall Ice Caves, AK

Entering the Mendenhall Ice Caves was one of the most surreal experiences of my entire life. I had dreamt about seeing these aqua-colored caves for years, in disbelief that an earthly location could look so magnificent! If you are ever in Juneau, AK- I highly recommend not passing this up.

The hike in all I would rate as moderate. It is a quick in and out hike that only amounts to about 5 miles. The first mile or so is very level and doable for any level of physical fitness. It winds through a forest, and then expels you onto rockier terrain. This part of the hike is more difficult because you will need to do some very light scrambling. My friend Sierra’s dog, Cooper, was able to do it–to give you an idea. You will start to see some magnificent sights of the Mendenhall Glacier. It is an amazingly bittersweet view, as it is with most glaciers. The vastness of this glacier is impressive but fleeting because of the signs of where the glacier was just years ago. When looking at the glacier, stay to the left and follow the trail. It can be confusing where to enter, but it isn’t  far from the bottom of the glacier. You will see the large entrance to the right. There are multiple caves, talk to locals before going to make sure they are safe for the season.

Not sure why these turned out so blurry, my apologies!



The featured image, I can’t take credit for, found online.


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