Grampians National Park, AU

Grampians National Park is located about 90 mins out of Melbourne. It is known for its rock climbing, abseiling, hiking, wildlife, and beautiful scenery. There are a few places to check out within the park if you are there for a day.

1) The Balconies (previously known as the “Jaws of Death”)

This is a short walk to a rocky lookout. Beware, if you go with a tour company they won’t let you climb on to it because of a previous death. So if that is something you would like to do, go independently (or do what we did and run the hike so you get there first and jump the fence and make it back before your tour guide chews you out). The view is beautiful and the thrill of being on the lookout is great.

2) Mackenzie Falls

This short 1.9 km trip is steep but extremely rewarding. You will descend down about 500 stairs to follow the water cascading down dramatic cliffs to see the impressive Mackenzie Falls. Many locals also drive out just for a swim in the beautiful pool at the bottom. Spend as much time as you can here!

3)  Bororka Lookout

Another rocky lookout that showcases a lake and Australian farmland. Worth the stop if you are already there!




The Balconies– inspired scenes from Princess Monanoke





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