Panorama Ridge, B.C.

This beautiful and well maintained hike in Garibaldi Provincial Park leads you through forest, meadow, and up the ridge to see the most jaw-dropping vantage point of Garibaldi Lake in the entire park. While the hike is not difficult, it is quite long and I suggest breaking it up into two days. It is about 18 miles or ~29 km.

You can camp either at Taylor Meadows or Lake Garibaldi campsites, which now require reservation online. Weekdays will be heaps quieter if you have the option.

The hike begins in the Rubble Creek parking lot, and winds up about 6-7 miles in the forest at a moderate grade. You won’t see much on the first day, but it will pay off the following day. The park is extremely well marked and you will see the sign pointing to Taylor Meadows or Lake Garibaldi campsites and take the appropriate turn. Lake Garibaldi adds about 2km to the hike but is a beautiful stop for a chilly swim.

Taylor Meadows is more direct and if you hit the right time of year (late July-early August) wildflowers will be blooming. The campsite has really nice tent pads and two cooking shelters. PLEASE BE BEAR AWARE. Many bears have been killed in this area because humans are offering food and making them too familiar. Be responsible: cook in the shelters, leave no trace, and hang your food/toiletries.

As you reach the end of the meadows you will see the turn off for Black Tusk and the turn for Panorama Ridge. Stay right. You will gently ascend up to the ridge, it doesn’t get steep until the last 1km. The views will blow your brains out.

Taylor Meadows (Bring a bug jacket!)





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