Johnston Canyon, Banff, AB

Johnston Canyon is a wonderfully accessible boardwalk/hike along the Johnston Canyon. Johnston Canyon is just an exit away from downtown Banff– but it is about a 30 minute drive down a wildlife corridor until you reach Johnston Canyon Resort.

Anything this beautiful and wonderfully set up in Banff, is bound to be packed. We left our hotel at 7:00AM to beat the crowds. We scored a front parking spot, and were able to stop wherever we liked on the boardwalks! By the time we left around 9 AM, the parking lots were full, and we were in a highway of people on the boardwalks.

The Lower Falls
This boardwalk was packed with people by 9AM! Get here early


To find the not-so-hidden cave, which has become an icon of Banff– follow the trail up towards the Upper Falls. About 5-10 minutes before you get to the Upper Falls, you will see trails of footprints/openings in the trees to your right. This is how you get down to the cave. You will see the giant rock (from the picture) from above, from a viewpoint, which means you are on top of the cave, and you have gone about a minute too far!

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